I came into BFC with a sharp pain on the top of my right foot that was aggravated by any pressure such as walking and especially running. I had been to my primary care physician (M.D.) who did x-rays, said it was tendonitis and prescribed bed rest, ice and physical therapy. I had been going to physical therapy for 2 ½ weeks with some relief but still not able to run for almost 4 weeks due to the pain. I am an avid runner (55-65 miles/week) so it greatly affected my lifestyle to not be able to run at all. Very stressful! I heard of BFC from a friend of mine and my massage therapist/reflexologist. I felt relief after the first treatment and after 2 treatments I was able to start running again. I am easing back into the miles
T.M. 6/28/12

I was experiencing back pain mainly in my lower back as well as knee pain. I suffered from this off and on for 5 years. When your back is out it travels on down and affects your knees. This makes me less able to play with my kids or exercise. I heard about this clinic from my friends. My problems have been helped by chiropractic. Boone Family Chiropractic is wonderful at finding time to get you in for an adjustment to fix you up. Our whole family uses Boone Family Chiropractic.
D.W. 6/28/12

Major back pain brought me to this clinic. I scheduled several visits for the first month and a couple times a week the next month. Now I go one time a month as a maintenance program. It works great! I had put up with the pain for a couple of years and it kept getting worse. I was unable to do much of anything with out pain. I heard of this clinic from the yellow pages. With many visits to BFC, Dr Zach has made the pain go away. Now I have a treatment once a month with no pains. It is well worth it. Thanks for ALL your help. The staff is great!
K.G. 6/13/12

My issue is major neck pain and numbness going down my right arm. I have been suffering for years joking that my head weighs more than my neck can handle. I heard of BFC from my husband. He has been going to BFC for years and swears it helps his pain. Chiropractic has helped immensely. The numbness down the arm and my neck is 80 % better and is getting much better with each session. I also have a better mood with less pain.
K.R. 5/25/12

I have suffered from severe lower back pain. I was in an accident 10 years ago-whiplash and lower back damage. I have never been pain free, taking a pain reliever daily. This has been going off and on for 10 years. Then I heard about BFC from a coworker. Through chiropractic-I have no pain when I enjoy my hobbies. No pain in my knees when riding a motorcycle. I can’t believe how much better I can sit, stand and walk.
T.F. 5/9/12

I went in to have my knee looked at by my family physician and he suggested wearing a brace to support the knee pain I was experiencing. I have been dealing with this lingering issue for 2 years . It has been a daily problem that flares up when going up and down stairs and even while walking and doing normal activities. I heard about BFC while attending an in-service for my job. Your services have helped me immensely. I went from having daily pain in my knee to literally no pain whatsoever. It is truly a relief and a blessing to be pain-free.
C.K. 5/4/12

I suffered from pain in my right shoulder to mid back area, It was affecting my exercise program and running goals. I had this condition for 4-6 weeks. I would have a severe back spasm while exercising that would take 1-2 weeks to improve. I heard of BFC from my coworkers. I had significant relief after the first adjustment. I was very pleased with the staff and their concern. I was surprised at the amount of relief I received without medications.

I have suffered from lumbar pain for approximately 7 years. I have been hospitalized for severe back skeletal and muscle pain and take pain medications. I am an R.N., and work long hours on my feet. I have been coming to this clinic for years. I first started with the previous doctor. I have referred Dr. Zach to my family, friends and coworkers. Dr. Zach has helped me by keeping me away from specialists and hospitalizations. I do back exercises daily with my walking. I see Dr. Zach when I need to. Thank You.
C.F. 2/10/12